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A vacation should be fun. Spend your time doing what really interests you.
If you love nature and are interested in heading out to explore and interactwith the great outdoors, we have many different activities to offer.

OFF GRID Farming

OFF GRID FARMING is a set of workshops where you will learn some traditional off-grid knowledge such as how to make soap from ash, beer from grain, and candles from wax.

Outing and Activities

Ginezzo is part of the chain that divides the Val di Chiana from high Tiber valley. There are several trails that extend from Mount Ginezzo, which is one of the highest mountains in the area. Some remain at high altitudes and others go down to the valley. In addition, there are several nature trails where one can observe flora and fauna. You can go horseback riding, cycling, and walking, participate in yoga and more!


Throughout the year, the Ginezzo complex will be dedicated to training those who want to experience all aspects of the total OFF GRID: living in an OFF GRID community, learning how to design and establish renewable energy, and more. In collaboration with Off Grid Academy


Ginezzo organizes events about living off the grid. Find out what has already taken place and what is coming up in the future! Learn how to embrace the Off Grid Paradigm and how learning in a group can benefit your life