What does it mean to live OFF GRID

Autopoiesis, Detachment from the grid, Life in freedom

It is everyone’s dream to be self-sufficient, or autopoietic, but this isn’t just a personal choice: it also affects the planet. When you decide to live truly independently, think about everything: impact, waste, resources, etc.…




Being “off-the-grid” is the sense of detachment form networks. Mainly, this means detachment from the electrical and hydraulic “grid”, but think of it also in terms of detachment from the banking network, the mass distribution of food and household goods, the transportation and hydrocarbon network, the monetary and financial system, political parties, and the network of networks that monitor and control the internet. You can have absolute, simple, natural freedom.

This is not a step backwards in time, but rather a leap forward. You will regain lost knowledge and experiment with new techniques and ideas.

We want to live in harmony and balance with our ecosystem without being controlled by anxiety and stress. And you can!

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